Dear Advice Blog,
Sometimes i think the only way to be truely happy is to talk to alot of diffrent people, but i honestly only like this one guy. But i know it isn’t a high school dating thing for the two of us. I wanna marry this kid. What should i do?

Dear Somegirl,
Well if you really like this kid and you feel that strong about it then you should quit talking to other people and pursue him, but if you are in high school still then maybe you should just have fun and date more. You will have the rest of your life after you graduate to find someone that you truly want to marry. :]

Dear Advice Blog,
Sex hurts, what do I do?
With my first it never hurt. We were only rough a few times. But still it never hurt.
Now with my current boyfriend, who is my second, it never stops hurting.
He likes it rough and dry. It hurts but I enjoy it.

But now, every time we have sex rough or slow it hurts like hell.

Condom or no condom.
Lube or no lube.
Dry or wet.
Slow or fast.

We have even gone weeks without having sex so maybe
I could heal a bit but nothing is working.

We have tried a lot of positions already.
Still they all hurt and on my side hurts the worse.

He is the first guy that I have has condomless sex with.
And it has hurt since the very first time we did it.
So I really don’t think its an std, but I wont rule it out.
Nothing is off or painful after sex, its just sex itself.
But I know some STDs don’t have symptoms.

He is about the same size as my first. A little shorter.
But he is far thicker then my first. I have thought about that,
But we have been having sex for 3 months now, you think I would
be use to his size already.

Dear BlackJellyBean,
I would recomend to take a break from sex just so you can kind of heal, then try it out again and if it is still hurting ask your doctor what you can do to enjoy sex without the pain.

Dear Advice Blog,
I find really messed up stuff funny. I laugh at racist jokes/ Dead baby jokes, pictures of mutilated people, jokes about women getting beat and making sandwiches, child abuse, ect.

I know this stuff is really risque but I can’t help but laugh at this. Also, I’m a white boy from a middle class republican christian family, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
Or if anything IS wrong with me for that matter.
Please offer some insight.

Dear Sick and Twisted in Nebraska,
If you are really religious then I would have to say that there is something not right there. I also find myself laughing at things that I probably shouldn’t laugh at but we are all changed due to the media that surrounds us. The more we are exposed to bad things, the less bad they seem, we start to grow immune to it… and in some cases we find it funny. I wouldn’t say anything is wrong with you, just what you expose yourself to?

my aim screen name is

IM me if you need anything, I’ll help anytime I am on.

Dear Advice Blog,
I have a ton of end of the year school work and i’m really stressed out about it. My mom keeps telling me that I should work harder and harder but i’m already trying my hardest. My father says the same. I’m just really concerned that i wont be able to do as well as they want me to.

Dear Stressed,
Life is to short to live up to the expectations of others. Do what you can, don’t push yourself any further than what you feel you can handle. Instead of making things better for you, your parents are making it worse. Stress is possibly the worst thing that a human can have, stress has so many side affects… so when you are feeling overwhelmed, take a breath and remember why you are working hard… then do something relaxing for a while, then continue working at your own pace. Best advice for this is to RELAX and try to remain stress-free.

Dear Advice Blog,
I have nothing to smoke my weed with. What do I do?

Dear Christopher,
Smoking weed can be bad, it almost always brings you problems in the long run… But, you can smoke weed out of an apple. Back in the day I saw my friends doing it. The best way to find out how is to google it. Google works wonders dude. :]

Dear Advice Blog,
How do I get a higher tumblrarity?

Dear tumblrer,
I personally think that blogging on tumblr shouldn’t be about your tumblarity… I think it is wrong to be posting things just because you want some high number that shows how active you are. But if you really want to do that then, find things that are unique and interesting. We are humans, we love to see things that are out of the box and original, something about being exposed to new things excites us. Search websites for interesting pictures, quotes, funny videos. That is most likely the sure fire way to get more tumblarity. Or, get someone to tell people to add you? That could help.

Dear Advice Blog,
Most of my friends are gay. I find that I also am attracted to men, but I’m also attracted to women and my attraction towards them is stronger. I’m terrified of the thought of having sex with a man though, it makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know what I am, or what I should do. Please help.

Dear Straight midwestern boy,
I have found out that in a certain social setting we adapt, just like with drugs… If your best friend does drugs and you are around, you are most likely going to someday try it to get a taste of what it feels like. Experimentation is normal, I have heard stories about my friends trying things with other guys just to see what it is like, some like it and some don’t. I have this belief that everyone isn’t 100% straight. If we all were, then no one would admire people of their same sex. Some people show and express their admiration more for a certain gender or equally in some cases. That is what destinguishes between bisexual, gay, and straight people. I think you should discuss it with a gay friend that you are extremely comfortable and close to and experiment some, just make sure he knows you are trying to find out what you are. Email me back after, or if you need further help.

Dear Advice Blog,
should i tell my best friend that I’m a pro-life christian?

Dear Janeypoo,
I think you should, because from a best friends point of view I would respect my friends decision about any hot topic such as abortion. I think that being pro-life is great! Supporting life is nothing to be ashamed of, and like I said before stand up for what you believe in. A best friend will understand any choice you make. :]

Dear Advice Blog,
I’ve been housebound for a really long time with a chronic illness. I feel like even when I *do* get better, I won’t be used to being around people, and will basically spend the rest of my life alone. How am I supposed to overcome this weird social anxiety?

Dear Alone,
In this life we are faced with many obstacles and put through many tests to overcome, I believe that humans have this amazing ability to adapt to any situation and I think the same on this anxiety. Take it day by day and slowly get back in the routine of being around people. Trust in your natural born instincts to adapt to your growing needs and push yourself into your comfort zone around people. Once reaching that… it will all be easy from there. :) email me once you have tried, I want to know if you were able to accomplish it!

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